Racold (Ariston) Solar Water Heater

Racold (Ariston) Solar Water Heater


The scope of work at the site can be broadly defined as follows :

  • Erection of frames.
  • Installation of collectors and tank.
  • Commissioning of the unit.
  • Inlet & Outlet to be provided on the roof.Commissioning and testing.
  • Training and hand over.
  • Civil, Electric work on rooftop if required. (On your account).

Why Racold?

A range of Solar Water Heaters are available in the market. Solar water heaters have the following components.

Collectors To collect the thermal energy falling from sun.
Heat Mechanism To effectively pass on the heat to medium.
Storage Tanks for Hot water storage.


Are the primary source of heat collection. Award winning Racold Collectors are manufactured at Chakan, Pune for India rest in Itly.

"Energy Conservation Award from Bureau of Energy Efficency(BEE)"


A range of materials are used to make storage tanks. These are prone to deposits and corrosion, limiting their life span. Further they are not able to withstand high-pressure conditions. Racold comes with anti corrosive chemical tanks whereby two layers of vitreous enamel.

The highlights of Thermosiphon systems are :-

  • No moving parts.
  • Practically Nil maintenance.
  • Long life
  • Long warranty
  • High efficiency and performance

Warranty/ Guarantee : - 5 Years

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