R.O. Plants (Domestic & Commercial)

R.O. Plants (Domestic & Commercial)

Apolish deals in world class water purification technologies. 80% of all diseases are water born. We deal in domestic as well as commercial RO plants.

RO Plants product range -250 Ltrs./hr to 50,000 Ltrs./hr.

RO conveys 6 stage cleaning process

  • Pressure sand filter :- Removal of Physical and suspended impurities like sand, dust and rust.
  • Activated Carbon filter :- Removal of color odour, residual, chlorine and organic matter.
  • Softening / Anti–scalant :- To remove chemical hardness.
  • RO Membranes :- Removes dissolved salt, heavy metals, micro-organism and other impurities.
  • Dosing System :- To preserve RO membrane from bacteria.
  • Post Filter and Polisher :- Check on the growth of bacteria and maintains natural tastes.

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